What Is the Time Duration for Building a House?

The time duration for building a house can range from 6-12 months for a standard-sized house, but larger or more complex houses can take up to 2-3 years. Delays such as permit issues or unexpected weather events can also impact the timeline.

What Size Construction Projects Can Bonita-Group Manage?

Bonita-Group can manage construction projects of various sizes, from small renovations to large-scale commercial projects. They have experience in managing projects of different complexities and budgets, providing clients with customized solutions, and ensuring high-quality results. Their team of professionals has the expertise and resources to handle any size construction project.

How Are Payments Handled and Dealt With?

At Bonita-Group, payments for construction projects are typically handled on a progress payment basis, with payments due at specific stages of the construction process. The company provides detailed payment schedules and works closely with clients to ensure timely and efficient payment processing.

Who Should I Contact If I Want to Talk About My Project?

To discuss your project, you should contact Bonita-Group directly by phone or email, which can be found on their website under the “Contact” section.

How Many Years Have You Been in Business?

Bonita-Group is a construction and renovation business that has served customers at Bonita Group Ltd, 9 Ovington Street London SW3 2JA, from December 2020. They have a track record of delivering high-quality construction projects of varying complexities while providing exceptional customer service.

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