There are many reasons why you may want to undertake renovation work on your property, ranging from a complete refurbishment and change of layout to simply changing the colour scheme and décor. All will of course have their own budget or intended reflection in value being added, some will be worth more than others from a financial aspect and some will simply be for the intended users enjoyment.

Choosing to carry out the work as the property owner may initially seem like the most cost effective method of carrying out a renovation, of course after all the property owner is not paying someone else to carry out the work itself. This is ignoring some often overlooked factors such as the value of your own time and that of expertise. With a property renovation there are multiple skills involved each with their own learning curve, some shorter than others but some requiring years of study and implementation under a qualified and experienced tutor. More often than you would expect we at Bonita Group are called out to assist in fixing mistakes made by the DIYer, whilst we appreciate the desire to keep costs down and expand ones own knowledge, it can often be the case that the damage caused by the attempt at completing the work oneself now exceeds the original work scope and subsequent cost. Labour must also be taken into account when considering whether to carry out the work oneself, quite simply if you earn more than we would charge to carry out the work then purely from a financial aspect it would make sense to hire someone to carry out the work on your behalf.

Whilst there is an argument that renovation works can be carried out in the evening and weekends by the homeowner for no cost, this is ignoring the value of your spare time, whether that be how it affects your personal life and the need to de-stress from work. Or the need to have some down-time from work, how this may affect your normal job, the potential to make costly errors or an unwillingness to take on extra projects due to knowing you have the commitment of building work when you get home.

Using our team of skilled and experienced tradesmen you can feel confident in knowing you are in safe hands, with expertise in all aspects of a renovation project in London.

Our London Home Renovation specialists are qualified in all aspects of renovation works and can help you with every stage of the project.
From demo works to the finishing touches, getting the property looking photo ready.

Bonita- Groups’ multi-skilled teams can adapt to any required project and thanks to this we are increasingly finding ourselves renovating whole properties for our customers.

Bonita-Group regards itself as a flexible company and will happily work alongside designers or architects to help your renovation dreams come to life

BONITA GROUP – House Refurbishment Company London

There are many advantages to using one company like Bonita Group for a whole-house renovation in London. Firstly the responsibility for the entire project will rest upon our well skilled central administrative office in tandem with your personal Project Manager on site who will liaise with the customer at regular intervals (in person or over the phone) as well as supervise the works keeping to agreed time frames whilst adopting all required standards.

The Project Manager’s role is to bring all the resources and skilled builders together to make the whole renovation project as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

From the initial strip out to the completed job Bonita Group can accommodate every aspect of your project. Our fully qualified painters, joiners, flooring installers, plumbers, plasterers, bathroom fitters, kitchen installers, bricklayers and electricians all work to the current standard and building regulations.

Bonita Group prides itself on environmentally friendly practices and we are often asked to work with green products such as bamboo flooring, recycled laminate flooring or eco paints such as Earthborn or Auropaint.

Bonita Groups whole property renovations in London, aren’t just about making a property look better but are a great investment. With the progression and development of materials and technology such renovations more often than not lead to reduced utility bills and home maintenance costs also making your home more environmentally friendly and achieve a higher EPC rating, in turn affecting property and rental valuations.

House Refurbishment Company London

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