As the sun finally begins to shine and the seemingly never ending winter draws to a close it can feel a strange time to be talking about preparing your home for next winter. Over the cold and wet months it isn’t always the most suitable time to carry out essential exterior works. You may have encountered serious issues this winter which have only become evident due to the intense cold and rain. Carrying out work in the summer whilst the weather is suitable is the best time to ready yourself for next winter and here at Bonita Group we are rearing up for another busy season of work on property exteriors to ensure you and your property remain safe.


Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of a building is best done in dry weather with moderate temperatures. Rain or extreme heat can affect the paint’s application and drying process with many manufacturers requiring 24 hours of drying time between coats. Bonita Group has encountered many properties that have unfortunately got themselves into a situation whereby they have serious leaks that could have been resolved by a few simple coats of paint. Some materials are highly porous and act like a sponge, holding onto quite substantial levels of water, upon a sudden downpour this car quickly cause the material to reach saturation point and allow water into the property. Best to act in the warmer and drier months and tackle painting issues before they become a costly and unresolvable issue.


Roof Repairs

Repairing or replacing a roof is typically done in good weather to ensure the safety of workers and the integrity of the materials, nobody enjoys being on a wet and slippery roof in the winter. Rain or strong winds can make the job hazardous and compromise the quality of the work, Bonita Group have a team that can carry out all manner of roofing and guttering repairs in all seasons.



Tasks such as planting, lawn maintenance, and outdoor construction projects are best completed in good weather conditions to promote healthy growth and prevent damage from heavy rain or frost, Bonita Group are a Chelsea and Kensington based company with a long history of landscaping works.


Window Installation

Installing windows is best done on dry days to ensure a proper seal and prevent water damage. Sash window repairs is something Bonita Group has carried out on numerous properties and it remains a job best carried out in the summer months. Windows and doors are best removed in order to properly prepare surfaces, allow thorough work to be carried out and ensure a perfect finish.


Exterior Maintenance

Tasks like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and repairing outdoor structures are more effective and safer in good weather conditions. Bonta Group can supply scaffolding for all your exterior works to ensure a perfect finish and retain safety of our team and your property.


Please contact Bonita Group if you have any Questions on how we can get your property Winter ready and we are of course here to help if you’re currently encountering weather based problems and want some work booking in for when the weather finally turns.

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